I’ve been playing with WDS a lot recently and thought, well wonder if I can capture a WIM file of a Virtual Server image and deploy it to VPC or Virtual Server afterwards….The answer is yes! What I did was;

Run up my Gold Windows 2003 Enterprise R2 Virtual Server image

– Run WDS Capture to capture the WIM file

–  Imported the WIM file into WDS

PXE booted VPC and pulled down the image, install successful

PXE booted VS and pulled down the image, install successful 

Now I tried to get it to work with VMware server, but for some reason it doesn’t give me the VS WIM image as an available image to load when I PXE boot – will see if I can work out why. 

I know that normally you would use templates etc but, I guess in an Enterprise with WDS and Virtual Server and VPC utilised, you could standardise on WDS for deploying images for all servers, doesn’t matter whether they are virtual or physical. Will post more soon.

Food for thought….