Ok so following up on my previous post, I’d like to share with you the following information. I’ve also completed testing of deploying Longhorn server WIM images.

– If you ever need to get VMWare Server to successfully connect to WDS when you PXE boot into your WDS Boot WIM Image, then you need to add the following line to your config file for the virtual server;

Ethernet0.VirtualDev = “e1000”

– Vista and Longhorn WIM images will deploy to any physical and virtual hardware

– Because of different HAL types, Windows 2003 Server images captured with either Virtual Server or VMware server, can only be redeployed to the same virtualized hardware (Virtual Server WIM to Virtual Server – VMware Server WIM to VMware Server)

Now, I’ve been giving this a bit of thought…..I see it as an enormous benefit to use WDS to deploy all images (virtual or physical) in an Enterprise. Why you might ask?

1. You save on disk space – WIM images give you roughly a 2.5:1 compression ratio compared to VHD’s

2. There is only 1 set of images that need to be updated in an enterprise if you need to “inject” anything into the existing image

3. Longhorn and Vista WIM images can be deployed to any virtual or physical hardware which means in the Longhorn timeframe, managing and maintaining a hybrid of virtual and physical deployments is easier

4. As Dugie posted, there is going to be a requirement/push to deploy Vista in a centralised desktop in an enterprise, WDS would be fantastic for facilitating this. Imagine if you could give “someone” access to a Virtual Server VM to allow them to PXE boot and deploy their own Vista image to use as their desktop? Desktop on Demand?

Anyone got any other thoughts or comments? 

On a totally unrelated note, my tardyness in blogging has been because we’ve just added a lovely girl to our family – welcome to the world Sasson.

Cheers Luke.