Doing some POC testing at a customer site and we tried to P2V 2 servers, they both come up with the following error;
“The ntfs boot volume C: has less than 8 sectors/cluster. This configuration is not supported by Virtual Server. If possible please reformat the disk with more than 8 sectors/cluster”

The 2 servers I’ve tried to P2V are;
Ibm x3650
Built with standard IBM ServerGuide CD’s and Windows 2003 then added Citrix.
Partitions – 8gb + 24gb

IBM Blade Server HS21
Build with IBM ServerGuide CD’s with Windows 2003
Partitions – 8gb + 24gb

So, how do you know whether the machine you are trying to P2v has 8 or more sectors per cluster?

– Use the ntfsinfo utility from the following link
It’s a command line utility. If your boot partition is C:, the syntax would be “ntfsinfo c:”

This will tell you the following:
Bytes per sector : 512
Bytes per cluster : 4096

sectors per cluster : 4096/512 = 8

And the word from Microsoft “In any case, we couldn’t boot up the machines with the configuration where boot disk is formatted with < 8 sectors per cluster. At this point we believe that this is a bug in VS & we are going to spend some time understanding\fixing the issue. At this point there is no workaround other than the one mentioned in the error message”
You also cannot P2V Windows XP with SCVMM Beta2. You’ll have to wait until RTM.

Happy P2Ving!