One of the things I’m always very keen on is automating things as much as possible. Additionally, running a hosting environment it’s even more important and I always like to know what’s going on on a daily basis. To that end, Exchange is a key application we provide to our customers and I always like to know how it’s growing on a daily basis. So what I did was create a vbscript which runs each morning as a scheduled task. You’ll need to run the task as a user which has administrative rights on all your Exchange servers to be able to acccess hidden shares (ie \\server01\e$\exchdb\mailbox01.edb

Lately I wanted to know how today grew compared to the previous day, so I updated the script and thought I might share it with anyone know wants it.

If you have any feedback or easier ways to do things, I’m all ears, otherwise I hope it helps you as much as it has helped me!

ps. Right Click, Save the attached file and rename to .vbs