After upgrading my Licensing server to version 11.9 from 11.6 I found some weirdness.

The installer seems to go ok, it comes up with a couple messages about having to reboot to update files, so naturally after the installer has finished I reboot which is where the fun starts.

I then find that the following services have been stopped and disabled – Citrix Licensing, Citrix Licensing Config, Citrix Licensing Support Service. Additionally I try the LAC Management console and receive the following error.


So to fix this little problem I carried out the following steps;

– enabled and started all the services above

– CHANGED the shortcut of the LAC Management Console to point to http://<servername&gt;:8083 instead of localhost.

Hope this helps someone, took me 3 reinstalls and reverting to snapshots to work out what it was doing 🙂