I couldn’t find any information on the internet around this information, so when I received some information from a Microsoft buddy, I would I’d share.


VmmadminUI /Connect: “[server],[port],[user role],[use current creds (true/false)]”

Note that the quotes are mandatory.  User role and use creds are optional.  Use “da” for the role if you want to log on as the built-in administrator role:


.\VmmAdminUI.exe /Connect: “vmm2012r2a,8100,da”

.\VmmAdminUI.exe /Connect: “vmm2012r2a,8100″


If you get in to a bind, you can also specify /specifynewserver to reset:

.\VmmAdminUI.exe /SpecifyNewServer


Full examples:

.\VmmAdminUI.exe /Connect:”vmm2012r2a,8100,Administrator,true”

.\VmmAdminUI.exe /Connect:”vmm2012r2a,8100,TenantAdmin,true”


Hope this helps.